Sugar's Classic

I WON !!!!!!

So after a manic few months, I can finally say I am FINISHED for this season !

I know, I said that after Olympia, but when I found out the Sugar's Classic had become an Arnold's qualifier I HAD to do it.

Not only did I win and receive that prestigious Arnolds invite, I also got my British Finals invite and Olympia invite. I am absolutely over the moon. This means I am all set up now for 2016 and I can really focus on bringing my absolute best package to those International stages next year and the British of course.

I felt like I was too full for British hence only managing to make top 15. I had under 4 weeks to really bring it in for Olympia Liverpool, which I did and managed to bag 8th place. 2 weeks on and Sugar's - 25 strong bikini class, and I did it. I won ! 

So happy to have started the season with a win at South Coast Championships, and closed the season with a win ! 

Thanks to everyone who has put up with me through the busiest year of competing EVER. Since April 2015 I have now competed 11 times. I feel like I have improved tremendously and cannot wait for what next year will bring. 

Time for 'improvement season' no 'OFF season' 

Lots of love, 

Kate x x x