SURPRISE !!! Arnold Classic Europe !!!


WOW !!! What a week it has been !!!

Last weekend I was in Barcelona competing at the Arnold Classic Europe 2016. I had been off season for 7 months before starting prep for this huge competition. 7 months of no visible abs is a long time. I enjoyed myself to say the least. I overindulged, I went to Thailand, I enjoyed cake more than once ;) But my god was I excited and ready to start prepping again. 

Starting prep was tough as I had had so long off and it did take me a while to get back in to the flow of it. After a few meltdowns and some tears, I decided to join Team Savage. With only 7.5 weeks until the Arnolds, and prepping myself up until that point, I was panicking ever so slightly. My coach Eddie filled me with confidence and got stuck in straight away. 

My focus was BACK. 

Prepping yourself is HARD ! I have done it multiple time, often winning trophies in the process, which is amazing. However, it is difficult to see your progress at times, and when you are writing your own diet plans you can often allow yourself things that a different coach wouldn't. Someone telling you YES and NO and with a completely different set of eyes can be extremely beneficial. Infact, it IS beneficial and with me moving from bikini to fitness, I was entering a whole other realm of prep life. 

I kept it a secret from most, and decided to move to fitness back in June ... not exactly long before the competition in September ! But WOW, I prefer it sooooo much already ! 


So bikini fitness is super slender, super beautiful and super tiny. This is achievable, absolutely but I have a lot of muscle. I clearly have the genetics for muscle building and as an 100% natural athlete, a dancer since the age of 4yrs old and lover of heavy squats ... my quads were forever getting me in trouble ! Too muscly ! WHAT ? Nooooo ! Yep, sad but true. And the only way to decrease a muscle ? Stop training it ! So that was it. No quad training whatsoever in months - nearly a year ! Long distance running instead, to attempt to bring those bad boys down. Yes, they possibly decreased in size ever so slightly, but as did the rest of me. You can't spot reduce, you also can't change genetics and completely alter how you were built ! You were given a body and you need to work with that body the way that suits YOU... and I was beginning to learn bikini was not it ! Running made me miserable. Low calories made me miserable. Avoiding heavy leg training made me miserable ... heck, I was even paranoid about walking up stairs, incase my quads activated too much ! That's no way to live, and after all this is meant to be fun. So... I decided to make a change.


That is what I'll do ! Let's give it a go, what's the worst that can happen ?

So I saw Eddie, and we got cracking. No more KETO. No more running. I was happier already !

For the first time in months I did heavy squats, leg extensions, leg press - and I loved it. I felt like the old me again, absolutely loving my training. Enjoying training only made the dieting that much easier as I knew I was working towards a goal that I felt I was better suited to.

Gymnastics practice commenced. This was fun. New and exciting. A challenge. Something to push me to try new things and push new boundaries. No, I am no gymnast but I am a dancer so the performing aspect of Womens Fitness definitely excited me beyond belief. It also made me incredibly nervous and a little bit apprehensive but hey, isn't that part of the buzz ?

So 7.5 weeks later I stepped on stage, my secret finally out there !

And I walked away with an Arnold Classic trophy !!!!!!!!!!!

My first international trophy !!!!!!!!

I placed 6th in an incredible line up of extremely talented fitness ladies ! I was up against the likes of the British Champion, the European Champion, the Diamond Cup Champion to name a few !!!! And there was me, first timer, rookie, novice ... taking home a trophy for the UK ?!

What a buzz. I am so glad I decided to make the move and I am now prepping in my final week for this years British Finals where I get to do it all again. 

Let's see what happens :D 

Kate xxx