Kate Errington Fitness Athlete

IFBB Fitness Pro

I am a fitness FREAK ! The gym is my second home and it's a huge passion of mine to share my love for health and fitness with others. Motivating YOU is one of my key priorities.

I am an IFBB Pro Fitness athlete from the UK.  I started competing as an amateur in April 2014 where I won my very first competition in both categories I entered, being crowned Miss Hercules Olympia Bikini Champion and Miss Model Beauty Champion. It was then that my love for the sport was well and truly born.

I continued to compete in bikini, winning numerous shows and achieving some good international placings. In 2016 I moved to arguably the hardest division there is - Women's Fitness. After placing highly in my first two shows I went on to win the Overall Amateur Arnold's in Ohio, USA 2017 and this was where I was awarded my IFBB PRO Card.

My Pro debut was the Arnold's Ohio where I placed 2nd and then I went on to win the Arnold's Australia 2 weeks later, qualifying me for the 2018 Mr. Olympia Contest. 

Competing is my passion, my hobby, my life and the stage is where I belong.


Gym bunny by day, fire eater by night!

As well as keeping incredibly fit, I am also a professionally trained dancer and multi skilled performer. Receiving a scholarship to the Italia Conti Theatre School aged 11 paved the path for my entertaining career. Laban School of Contemporary Dance was my next stop aged 18 and after a year, there was no turning back. I am trained in ballet, tap, street, contemporary, jazz, ballroom and latin american. I am a fire eater, stilt walker, angle grinder, hoop aerialist and Friday nights known as my alter ego - Kitty Errington, where I perform burlesque at our weekly cabaret show at Mumu in Maidstone.

I absolutely love the variety my job allows me. It means travelling all over the world, meeting so many different, fascinating people and cultures. Every day is different and I am certainly never bored. My hobby is my job, how cool is that ?


Coach Kate

I am an online prep coach and posing coach for both competitors and non competitors. I offer tailored workout and nutrition plans and online packages for clients of all ages and body types, for both men and women. Fill in the CONTACT form to get more information on what package will suit you best to help you work towards your goals. Being a professional dancer and experienced in both bikini and figure/fitness posing, I can also help with posing routines, I walks, T walks, posture and presentation on stage and have my own posing studio located in Maidstone, Kent. 

Big thanks to my sponsors Versa Forma (15% off KATE15), Selina Bikini, Liquid Sunrayz (money off use LSRKATE) and my gym Evolution Strength and Fitness  !




Hercules Olympia - 1st Place in Bikini and Beauty

UK Nationals - 2nd place

Arnold Classic Madrid - 10th place

British Finals - Top 10


UK Nationals - 5th place

South Coast Championships - 1st place

USN Classic Bodypower - 2nd place

Olympia Malaga - 10th place

British Finals - Top 15

Olympia Liverpool - 8th place

Sugar's Classic - 1st place



Arnold Classic Barcelona - 6th place 

British Finals - 2nd place 




Arnold Classic USA - WINNER 




Arnold Sports Festival USA - 2nd place

Arnold Classic Australia - 1st place - Qualified for the Olympia 2018

The Olympia - 11th place

Wings Of Strength Romania - 2nd place


Arnold Sports Festival USA - 5th place

Arnold Classic Australia - 4th place

Qualified for the Olympia on points





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